About to turn 50 in 2013, Former American Ballet Theatre Ballerina Marie-France Lévesque returns to the stage and on pointe after a bad car accident stopped her dance career 14 years ago. This inspiring and motivational ballet, contemporary & variety performance is sure to surprise, delight and empower people of all ages to re-invent their lives & careers, overcome adversity and pursue their dreams and passions even after 50.
At a time when millions of older Americans are seeking to reinvent and recover from one of the worst economic times in our country’s history, this production will bring the fervently needed desire to inspire, uplift and motivate our local and global audiences to renew, revive and rebuild themselves with passion once again. This production is all about inspiring people 50 and over to stay young,  to take charge of their health and keep pursuing their dreams and their aspirations even after 50 years old, it’s not over. 50 is the new 30!

    Ballet Gala Benefit